Crane OCR
  • Inspect of container damage
  • Real time containers inventory
  • Automated vessel loading/discharging
  • No personnel in dangerous zones

Crane OCR

Crane OCR system (Quay gate system) automates manual processes in crane operation. Visual optical recognition system makes most of tallyman work – container identification, damage inspection, seal presence determination. Terminal trucks tracking and communication with their drivers instructs driver immediately where to deliver container on platform.
Right after vessel operation each shipping line can get detailed list report with loaded/discharged containers high resolution damage inspection pictures and seals detection results.
Container number recognition increases operations accuracy, while dangerous goods recognition improves safety.

Video 1: Crane OCR installation


Video 2: Crane OCR installation using lashing platform



  • STS ship-to-shore cranes;
  • RTG/RMG cranes;
  • Straddle carriers.


  • Recognition of loading/discharging container ID;
  • IMO, ISO, ADR code recognition;
  • Door orientation detection;
  • Seals presence detection;
  • Damage inspection pictures;
  • RFID terminal truck identification;
  • Automated interconnection with TOS.

Straddle carrier position is being tracked by system, this allows giving real time data to TOS (terminal operating system ) system of each passed container ID and location – TOS system can automatically double check real position of container with known position of container, and in case of mistake it is corrected automatically. The feature can be used for searching of lost containers.